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Allen Toussaint & Gibson Guitar Collaborations with / Songs covered by Elvis Costello, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Band, Paul McCartney, Aaron Neville, Dr. John, Jerry Garcia, Phish, Plant / Krauss and scores of others.
Allen Toussaint and Elvis Costello Collaborations with / Songs covered by Elvis Costello, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Band, Paul McCartney, Aaron Neville, Dr. John, Jerry Garcia, Phish, Plant / Krauss and scores of others.


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Come in and enjoy the life and music of Allen Toussaint. You are about to experience one of the music world's treasures.  The Southern Knight has led a surge of music that spans five decades.  Collaborations with / Songs covered by Elvis Costello, The Rolling Stones, Patti Labelle, The Who, The Band, Paul McCartney, Aaron Neville, Dr. John, Jerry Garcia, Phish, Plant / Krauss and scores of others.

The Toussaint Family Continue to Thank You For All The Love And Support & Please Check Back Regularly to See The New Things To Come To Keep The Spirit and Music Of Allen Toussaint Living!

 Allen Toussaint

Music Playing: Southern Night


“My music is homegrown from the garden of

New Orleans. Music is everythingto me short of brething.

Music also has a role to lift you up - not to be escapist but to

take you out of misery” -Allen Toussaint






#2 on The Billboard Jazz Charts

"He was such an influential songwriter and performer," Jagger tweeted Wednesday.

"I don't want y'all thinkin' 'this is just some old legend that passed away' naw," Questlove, founding member of the hip-hop group The Roots, wrote on Instagram.

"This dude wrote some of your favorite music & you just didn't know it."

Toussaint's influence is woven through popular music and hip-hop, he wrote.

"At least 12 'Get Out My Life Woman' snares were like starch in hip hop's daily nutritional chart -- meaning so there you barely notice it," Questlove wrote.

                                          "I'm still in shock and heartbroken after hearing of the news of the passing of my longtime friend, brother in music, teacher, mentor and most gentle person you'll ever                                                                          meet, Allen Toussaint.  He was a true musical treasure and legend that New Orleans shared with the world. Thank you Allen for all the music, good times and                                                                                       the legacy you leave behind for everyone to continue to enjoy. Rest in Peace. Peace & Love,"   Art "Poppa Funk" Neville                                            

                                      "Music lovers around the world today are mourning the passing of the legendary Allen Toussaint. He was one of the architects of rhythm and blues; a writer of many of                                                                        America's most well-known and beloved early rock and roll songs. I had the pleasure of hosting him at the Aspen Songwriters Festival some years ago and was                                                                                   honored to be able to perform with him and witness his inspired one man show. Sending love to his family and friends around the world - he will be missed by millions                                        but his music will never die." - John Oates

     “Probably no city’s contribution to American popular music has been more distinctive than New Orleans’,” longtime Washington Post rock critic Richard Harrington once wrote,

      “and Toussaint, as prolific songwriter, arranger and producer, has been a key shaper of its legacy.”

The Rock Hall described Toussaint as “a producer, bandleader, arranger, songwriter, session musician and all-around musical eminence.”

The Hall added that “although he was inducted in the ‘nonperformer’ category, Toussaint is a talented pianist and performer who has recorded under his own name.”



The Allen Toussaint Band Tribute to Allen Toussaint Sunday May 1, 2016.  

 Come out and enjoy the music of the Southern Knight and all the Amazing Talent at The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival!  



Allen Toussaint -New Release



Allen Toussaint’s Final Recordings to Be Released in June

The cover of the Allen Toussaint album that is to be released in June.Credit Nonesuch Records

The final recordings of Allen Toussaint, the sage New Orleans songwriter, singer and pianist who died in November at age 77, will be released on June 10, in the album “American Tunes” (Nonesuch).

The album features Mr. Toussaint’s interpretations of a range of American music, including songs by Fats Waller, Duke Ellington, Professor Longhair and Paul Simon (whose “American Tune,” from 1973, gives the album its title). It also features two of Mr. Toussaint’s own songs, his hit “Southern Nights” and “Delores’ Boyfriend,” as well as Danza, Op. 33, a piece by Louis Moreau Gottschalk, the 19th-century composer who was born in New Orleans. The singer Rhiannon Giddens and the arranger and pianist Van Dyke Parks make guest appearances.

The album, produced by Joe Henry, a frequent collaborator of Mr. Toussaint over the last decade, was recorded in two sets of sessions, the first in New Orleans in 2013 and the second in Los Angeles in October 2015, just a month before Mr. Toussaint died while on tour in Madrid. In an interview this week Mr. Henry said that the album had grown out of longstanding conversations about Mr. Toussaint’s interests as an interpreter, particularly of the music of the New Orleans piano master Professor Longhair.

The sessions, Mr. Henry added, proceeded with no indication of any health problems.

“He seemed as energetic and buoyant and focused as he ever seemed to me,” Mr. Henry said. “Nothing gave away a notion that he might not be well, or that we might be writing his last statement, as it were.”

Links to the album pages where people can pre-order it:



The Allen Toussaint Tributes

Allen Toussaint band plans tributes at French Quarter Fest, Jazz Fest

John Wirt By John Wirt
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on April 04, 2016 at 7:00 AM, updated April 04, 2016 at 10:33 AM

The core members of Allen Toussaint's band felt like they were part of his family. Two musicians in the late songwriter, pianist and producer's band really are family members -- his son, percussionist Clarence "Reginald" Toussaint, and son-in-law, drummer Herman LeBeaux Jr.

Clarence Toussaint, LeBeaux, guitarist Renard Poché and bassist Roland Guerin performed with Toussaint from 2008 until a heart attack felled him Nov. 10 after a concert in Spain.


Allen Toussaint, the legendary songwriter and pianist, has died

Allen Toussaint, the legendary songwriter and pianist, has died

Allen Toussaint, New Orleans composer, producer and performer died Monday while on tour in Europe. He was 77.

The surviving musicians recently gathered at the beloved New Orleans music master's recording studio – still decorated with his art and music memorabilia -- to reminisce. The warmth and professional fulfillment they experienced with Toussaint, onstage and off, dominated the conversation.

Toussaint, Poché said, as he sat beside his band mates, had a vision for everything he did.

The Allen Toussaint Band and special guests

  • What: 3 tributes to Allen Toussaint
  • Where: French Quarter Fest Tribute at House of Blues, 225 Decatur St.; Jazz and Heritage Foundation Gala at the Hilton Riverside Hotel, 2 Poydras St.; and New Orleans Jazz Fest
  • When: French Quarter Fest Tribute, April 8 at 9 p.m.; Jazz and Heritage Foundation Gala, April 21 at 7 p.m.; and Jazz Fest, May 1 at 2:20 p.m.
  • More information: French Quarter Fest tribute tickets are $35; Jazz and Heritage Foundation gala tickets, $550; and Jazz Fest, $65 through April 21, $75 at the gate.

"Very particular about the music," the guitarist emphasized. "He also had amazing focus. So much so that he'd write music charts in the studio while the band rehearsed. I don't know how he could focus enough to write while other music was going on! And then he could comment on the conversation we had while he was writing! Man, he had some kind of brain."

And despite decades of success and acclaim, Toussaint stayed driven and enthusiastic.

"If you didn't know better, you would think he was a person still trying to make it," Poché said.

For Guerin, touring with Toussaint was like bringing home friends and a wonderful mentor along for the ride.

"It was home on the road," the bassist said. "In terms of Mr. Toussaint specifically, I learned stuff like I was learning from my dad. He had that kind of care. It was that kind of family, but a band as well."

Lessons learned from the maestro included the "details in everything," the bassist said. "Songs and life. He showed me, in a lot of ways, another world."

LeBeaux, a classically trained drummer, cited Toussaint's dedication to excellence. His musicians were expected to follow their leader's example.

"There's no shuckin' and jivin'," LeBeaux said. "You're here to do a job and you will do the best job you can possibly do."

The formal music education LeBeaux received at Xavier University didn't prepare him for Toussaint's funky rhythm and blues.

"Up until the last show we played, I was still learning about those things he had presented to me 20 years before," LeBeaux said.

In the upcoming weeks, Toussaint's band will play a trio of tribute shows to him. First there's a French Quarter Festival concert, 9 p.m. Friday (April 8) at House of Blues. It's a benefit for New Orleans Artists Against Hunger and Homelessness, the charity Toussaint co-founded with Aaron Neville.

Clarence Toussaint, seated between his band mates and his father's grand piano, expressed his gratitude to April 8 guests Leo Nocentelli, Walter "Wolfman" Washingon, Davell Crawford, James Andrews, Big Sam Williams and Robin Barnes.

"They care a lot and they say such beautiful words about him," he said. "And then we go on Jazz Fest and have home artists and national artists joining us. It's a beautiful thing."

On Sunday, May, 1 on the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival's Gentilly Stage, The Allen Toussaint Band will appear with Aaron Neville, Cyril Neville, Dr. John, Bonnie Raitt, Jon Batiste, Jimmy Buffett and Davell Crawford.

Between French Quarter Festival and Jazz Fest, the Toussaint band will perform at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 21, at the Jazz and Heritage Foundation gala with guests Crawford, John Boutte and Suzanne Bonseigneur. Joe Krown will play piano at all three shows.

As pleased as Clarence Toussaint is with the guests who'll join the tributes, he's especially happy that all three shows feature the intact Allen Toussaint Band.

"To have the nucleus here, that's good," he said.

That nucleus came together in 2008 to support Toussaint's surprising post-Hurricane Katrina career as an international touring artist. Before Katrina, Toussaint stayed largely behind the scenes, writing songs, making arrangements and producing. But then a lady named Katrina, he liked to say, became his unexpected booking agent.

His extensive late-career touring began with more than 200 shows with Elvis Costello. Toussaint and his band subsequently played hundreds more concerts -- until that final performance in Madrid.

Toussaint's sudden demise shocked New Orleans, the home he dearly loved. The city's residents loved Toussaint back, delighting in the always elegant musician's frequent public presence. New Orleanians couldn't imagine the city without him. His family felt the same way.


Allen Toussaint's fashion sense: Be sharp

Allen Toussaint's fashion sense: Be sharp

No matter how seemingly incongruous his ensembles, Allen Toussaint made them work, perhaps in part because of the way he carried himself: His easy, graceful manner and self-assured poise made even his more outlandish outfits seem matter-of-fact, true and natural.

"We're all people of God," Clarence Toussaint said. "I know the pattern of life, how it's supposed to be. But I never saw any point in my life when my dad wouldn't be there. And I've talked to quite a few people -- Quint Davis, even George Wein, who's 90 years old, and Elvis (Costello). It's wonderful that people saw him in that light, that he would always be here."


Allen Toussaint

WWOZ's Two-Part Allen Toussaint Special, Thursday, January 14

"Allen Toussaint Day"



      Allen Toussaint at Jazz Fest 2005 [Photo by Leon Morris]Allen Toussaint at Jazz Fest 2005 [Photo by Leon Morris]


Allen Toussaint in the French Quarter, April 2015 [Photo by Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee]

Allen Toussaint in the French Quarter, April 2015 [Photo by Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee]

Last week, the New Orleans City Council unanimously passed a resolution declaring Thursday, January 14 to be 'Allen Toussaint Day' in the city of New Orleans. On what would have been his 78th birthday, the whole city will celebrate one of the finest musical ambassadors New Orleans ever had.

As part of the celebration, WWOZ is airing two back-to-back episodes of New Orleans Calling, paying tribute to Allen, starting at 2p. Part One, featuring the story of Allen Toussaint in his own words, is also available for online streaming now at Part Two features the voices of his collaborators and friends, including Irma Thomas, the Meters, and others, and will become available online after it airs on Thursday.

Toussaint passed away unexpectedly while on tour in Spain on November 10, 2015. A stirring and emotional tribute to his life happened at the Orpheum Theater on Friday, November 20 with performances and words from many of his talented friends, including Cyril Neville, Deacon John, Irma Thomas, John Boutte, Boz Scaggs, Davell Crawford, Jimmy Buffett, Elvis Costello, and more.

Listen to WWOZ:

Allen Toussaint

Allen Toussaint at Blues & BBQ Fest, 2015


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