Clarence "Reginald" Toussaint


Clarence “Reginald” Toussaint began his musical journey 30 years ago as an audio engineer alongside his father, the late great, Allen Toussaint at the Sea-Saint Recording Studio.  It was there he developed his musical tastes as a percussionist, writer, producer, and engineer and musical aficiando. Reginald, as he is familiarly known, for the past 32 years until his untimely death his father’s Personal, Business, Tour and Production Manager as well his the percussionist in the band, a feat he considers his ultimate pleasure and honor.  Reginald has become a staple figure for the Festival Production-New Orleans Inc. and New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival for the last 30 years.  Because of his tenacity and hard work he is now the Stage Production Executive Director. 

As his confidence grew and his style developed, Reginald started producing a number of artists such as Allen Toussaint, Keith Claiborne, Daniel Ramos, and a host of other independent artists.  He has had the pleasure of performing for and sharing the stage with Dr. John, Irma Thomas, Lenny Kravitz, Elvis Costello just to name a few; his resume can speak for itself. 

 When he is not performing, he is engineering a number of artists both locally and nationally.  He has won several accolades such as the Ampex Award for Engineer New Edition. 

Clarence studied  International Business with an emphasis in music law at Loyola University in New Orleans.  He continues to grow in his craft and credits his father for his lifelong passion and career trajectory in the music industry.  Life, Love & Faith!

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